About Purplebuy


Purplebuy is the first eMarketplace for the Work Based Learning sector. It not only provides real savings on the cost of many of the things that providers use every day, it also promotes better purchasing processes.

Purplebuy is run by AELP who are the membership body that represents independent training providers.


Why Purplebuy is needed

The total value of purchases, by independent training providers in the United Kingdom, we estimate to be at least £170 million per year.  From of our spend analysis work we have identified the following areas as the typical high spend items for these, with our estimated annual total spend being at least:


  • Awarding Organisations £22million
  • Energy £17million
  • Print and copying £8million
  • IT Hardware and Support £8million
  • Telephones/communications £8 million
  • Specialist (by curriculum)materials and equipment £5million
  • Insurance £5 million
  • Travel (hotels, car hire and car leasing) £5million
  • Office Supplies £2million.

Without Purplebuy Work Based Learning Providers do not enjoy the same discounts that are available to schools and colleges. Purplebuy will help level the playing field.



In late 2011 JISC Advance received funding from BIS Department to undertake a project with the work based learning sector. The project is now established and was transferred to AELP in 2014. It has three target strands of work:


  1. To establish consortium-based procurement practice for work based learning providers.
  2. To provide an electronic market place to access consortia pricing.
  3. To negotiate specific contracts for educational items with a high spend.